aquarium plant - green and red verigatedtiger lilly rare species in LAUDERDALE, Tasmania for sale

aquarium plant - green and red verigatedtiger lilly
aquarium plant - green and red verigatedtiger lilly
aquarium plant - green and red verigatedtiger lilly

Nice green and red verigated tiger lotus lilly.
Tiger Lotus Lily
Nymphaea maculata
The tiger lotus lily Nymphaea maculata is a slightly larger species of lily that is sometimes offered as an aquarium lily due to its colorful appeal. This species is usually more difficult to find than the other aquarium lilies, primarily because only specialty retailers care to stock it due to its relatively high wholesale price. However, tiger lotus lily is frequently available from domestic distributors throughout the year, and most retailers should be able to order this plant by request. Despite its size, the tiger lotus lily is still a great candidate as an aquarium plant if kept trimmed.
The tiger lotus lily is indigenous to West Africa. This plant can tolerate a wide range of temperatures (70° to 85°F), pH values (5 to 8), and water hardness (though soft is ideal). Under ideal growing conditions, its round leaves can reach 6 inches in diameter. This species bears white colored flowers that are approximately 2½ inches in diameter.
Tiger lotus lily is commonly offered as red tiger lotus lily or green tiger lotus lily. Both forms have dark red patterns upon their leaves with purple undersides, but they differ from one another in that one variety has red leaves and the other has green leaves. Interestingly, however, green tiger lotus lily may turn red, and some red tiger lotus lily leaves appear green when newly grown. Thus, there is probably no definitive separation between the two varieties, perhaps differing only by the conditions in which they were grown prior to acquisition.
Note that when purchasing this plant, tiger lotus lily may or may not be sold while attached to a bulb. This bulb is the seed from which it had germinated and attachment to it is not necessary for its survival.